Sophia Vigne Welsh


Sophia Vigne Welsh graduated from NCAD with a Bachelor of Fine Art Media in 2016. Whilst in college photography was her primary medium with a particular interest in 120mm portraiture and socially engaged work.


In 2017 Sophia moved to LA for a year where she worked as a gallery assistant and continued to develop her practice.  Her focus shifted from photography to painting and by the end of 2017 it was clear that painting was where her true interests lay. Her work continues to be informed by the dusty, fluorescent landscape of Los Angeles and the cities eclectic history within the arts.


Since returning to Ireland, Sophia has been exhibiting work around the country and internationally. She is a member of Dublin based art collective Epoch, a female led group who create large scale murals and exhibit their work regularly. Currently she works from her seaside home in Co. Wicklow; the surrounding beaches and countryside are a constant source of inspiration for her practice.


Through painting, drawing and collage Sophia creates an abstract language, which aims to explore bodily tension and how it can shape our navigation of relationships and environments. She works with a wide range of materials to create vibrant, emotionally driven pieces with a punchy yet delicate aesthetic.


Previous Exhibitions
2020 Title tbc, Hen’s Teeth, Dublin (upcoming May)
2020 “Hidden Gems” Roe & Co. Distillery, Dublin (upcoming March 13th)
2019 “Riso City Returns” Lucky’s, Dublin
2019 “BOON” Studio 39, Dublin
2019 “In Response” Two Birds Gallery, Seville
2018 “Riso City” Lucky’s, Dublin
2018 “Morning Dance” Estudio Airgentum Hoja de Ruta, Seville
2018 “Powder Room” The Button Factory, Dublin
2018 “Freedom” MART, Dublin
2018 “Solace” Jaja Studios, Dublin
2017 “Got it for Cheap Worldwide” LA, NYC, Vancouver, Oslo, Chicago
2017 “Reconstruction” Expo Line, Los Angeles
2017 “The Mind’s Eye” Dalton Warehouse, Los Angeles
2017 “Illustraction” Junior High, Los Angeles
2017 “Raw Artist’s Showcase” BLVD 3, Los Angeles
2017 “Bare” NCAD Gallery, Dublin
2017 “A Place For Us” SayYes, Los Angeles
2016 NCAD Graduate Show, Dublin
2016 “ESC” Eblana House, Dublin
2016 “5 + Phife” A4 Art, Dublin