Jack Ede


Jack Ede, born in Irvine, Scotland in 1996. Autodidact painter, draughtsman, tattoo artist, life enthusiast. Ede studied at Carres Grammar School in Sleaford, England from 2007-2014, focusing mostly on art and psychology in his final years. After leaving school prematurely, he studied his self-acclaimed mentors online and focused solely on polishing his hyper-realistic drawings.


In 2015, Ede ventured down a new path to become a tattoo artist, in hopes to land a more financially stable income. Whilst continuing to produce his pencil drawings, he quickly gained international status via the media with features on the BBC news. Ede had his first Solo show at Boxpark, London in 2017, followed by another solo at Habatat Galleries in Florida where a single drawing was sold for $12,000. Fast Forward to 2020, Jack has peacefully moved on from making tattoos and hyper-realistic pencil drawings. His current direction is moving towards a more “distorted” reality, consisting of colourful oil paintings that push the boundaries of the human face and the beauty standards that possess them.


Previous Exhibitions

Is there still hope? - Habatat Galleries FL

2017 - Boxpark Shoreditch, London. (solo)
2018 - Habatat Galleries, West Palm Beach, USA. (solo)
2020 - Identity Exhibition, BOS Gallery.