KATA KUKLA is a painter and a multidisciplinary artist born in Poland, currently living and working in Dublin. She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Poland where she majored in painting and she created an exhibition of serigraphy printing. Kata’s artistic works exemplify contemporary surrealistic explorations of biological organisms, botany and all areas of human existence, combining seemingly mismatched elements and symbols in the creation of her canvases.


Using retrospective and digressive techniques she accumulates information from her personal experiences to compose a map of irregularly connected thoughts, as well as the effects of physical pains, mental torment and suffering on these thoughts. In her work, she also uses multimedia, print and creates installations which allow her to commentate on the current state and anxieties of the global affairs.


Previous Exhibitions
2019 Solo exhibition desintegration Art+ festival, Cieszyn, Poland
2018 Group exhibition S H E In-spire Gallery, Dublin, Ireland
2018 Solo exhibition doppelganger’s manifet Solvay Gallery, Cracow, Poland
2018 Visualisation urban tissue ASP Cinema Rhino, Katowice, Poland
2018 Group exhibition new avand-garde The Wilson Shaft Gallery, Katowice, Poland
2018 Group exhibition Gallery Contrast, Warsaw, Poland
2017 Group exhibition Gallery of Fine Arts Rondo Art, Katowice, Poland
2016 Group exhibition BWA Contemporary Art Gallery, Katowice, Poland
2014 Solo exhibition, Galop Gallery and Café, Katowice, Poland
2012 International Vincent van Gogh Art Post-Competition exhibition, Rybnik, Poland
2011 Land art, Raciborz, Poland
2010 Performance consumption , Raciborz, Poland
2009 Rybnik’s photo festival, Poland