The hairy legs and arms I paint are characters that represent me, my childhood, past insecurities, constantly feeling awkward, and isolated from the world. I focus a lot on perspective, humour and shapes. There usually elements of random memories from my past or childhood that I’ve experienced that have left an impact in my life. The work I create is colourful, childlike, and playful. I love that only I know the real meaning behind each piece and no one can take that away from me. The process usually begins on photoshop in bed sketching, listening to music, away from the world. Once I finish sketching I sit on the idea for a couple of days and then paint, blasting music mixing bold colours and producing work that I’ve never seen before.


Previous Exhibitions
2020 Union Gallery London, UK

2020 System Failure Valencia, Spain

2020 Chromaphilia/Chromophobia SVA Chelsea Gallery New York, New York

2018 Koehnline Museum of Art Des Plaines, IL

2017 Koehnline Museum of Art Des Plaines, IL