Making Vinyl The Medium - Joel Clarke

After graduating from St. Martins in 1996, followed by 18 years as an advertising creative, Joel finally followed his life-long dream of becoming an artist. Thanks to the unique use of hand-cut vinyl as a medium, there was a clear USP that differentiates Joel's work from almost any other artist. The work marries qualities that don't always appear together:

a true blend of traditional techniques used on modern materials.


The end results create a minimalist hyper-realism Pop Art style that transforms real objects (vehicle parts) into pieces that become surreal. The viewer often needs a moment to compute what the eye is seeing in front of them - a skill I admire from Koons' sculptural works. The use of vinyl has also been utilised to work in 2D collections.


With heavy influence from Hockney's brave use of colour, these collections allow for a wide range of subjects. From the figure series through to the studies in water, the amazing qualities and finish of vinyl constantly open new paths on which to take this medium down - resulting in an ever-developing, diverse and original collection of artworks.


Previous Exhibitions:

The Other Art Fair

March 13, 2020