Covid-19: Our Response and Insights

Some of the challenges presented by COVID-19 for the art market:


  1. Increased resistance to, if not outright prohibitions on, large gatherings of people, affecting gallery operations, art fairs, public auctions, and museum exhibitions.


  1. Increased caution with acquisitions by collectors and investors, as the financial markets continue to fluctuate heavily.


  1. Reduced travel, limiting the ability for people and artworks to move around the globe.


  1. In light of these challenges, we are seeing the resilience of our trade, and the creative responses, from our stakeholders. 


Although COVID-19 may continue to shake up art business as usual, the BOS Gallery Team remains available to advise our collectors, artists, investors, and competitors on any questions or concerns they may have about business as usual or the new challenges posed by the virus on your art market. 


Our model is strong and for the foreseeable future all our exhibitions will be conducted in our online format.


We ask that you simply share, comment, tag, DM and engage in any way you can with your Galleries, Artist, and Advisors over the next few difficult weeks and months as our synergy together will make our market stronger, keep our artists busy and producing, and most of all keep us all safe. CREATE, ENGAGE, COLLABORATE. 


P.S. Wash your hands. 


March 14, 2020