Need for speed: Joel Clark's auto-inspired art

I grew up near Silverstone and have always loved motorsport – that's why my artistic work has always gravitated towards this world. When I finished school, I started designing and making vinyl stickers for race teams based at the circuit. I left home to go to art college and to later pursue a career in advertising, but have now gone full-circle and returned to the skills I learnt in my first job.


All my work is created from hand-cut vinyl. It's a very versatile material – it's the same as that used to make the signage on trucks and vans, shop windows and other items you commonly see. I cut the material into lots of smaller shapes and overlay them, creating a collage effect. Because of this, I can form it on to smaller objects such as visors and crash helmets to make pieces such as the bespoke works I created in collaboration with Turnbull & Asser, the gentleman's outfitter.


October 24, 2016