Print Partnership | Open Call

Limited Spaces Open For 2021!

Our print drop books are open for 2021, the limited spaces will be scheduled throughout the year. They will be offered to artists who meet our vision. High performing artists in the partnership will be offered gallery space and resources for an agreed period. 


At BOS Gallery we are looking to support artists and collectors at this difficult time. We have created a print partnership, that not only looks to engage artists in fine art prints offerings but is COVID-19 friendly. 


Our partnership aims for the gallery to produce  a selection of fine prints for artists. These prints are then offered to the market, through contactless distribution methods. The pre-agreed profits from the sale of each print are split between the artist and the gallery.


Print Method and Materials

All prints produced will be the highest quality Giclee print available in the market. We will work with the artist to look at print sizing and paper options that best suit the work, our aim is to provide prints that are of the highest quality in the contemporary art print market.


Paper options

We have a range of paper options available to us, and we will always recommend the paper that we think best suits the work in question, regardless of cost. 


Fabriano Artistico Watercolour Rag 310gsm

Decor Smooth Art 210gsm

Platinum Cotton 305 gsm


Hahnemuhle Matt PHOTO RAG 188 & 308 gsm


Submit Here: Print Partnership Submission Form


If you have any questions before submitting please email


February 1, 2021