Welcome to Kevin Judge

We Welcome You Kevin Judge


A recent graduate from NCAD where he studied Printmaking for two years. It was also there that he tried his hand at painting and realised he was pretty good at it.  From there he decided that’s what he wanted to pursue. Historically painting is the most important medium, and he has always found paintings to be far more interesting. His paintings are mostly figurative and representational while also trying to bring in elements of humour and pathos. He also likes to include references to seventeenth century Vanitas paintings.

He has been included in a wide variety of exhibitions over the past number of years including:


March 2019 // Cultural Equilux, Dublin

December 2018 // WInter Open 2018, RuaRed, Dublin

October 2018 // Emerging Artists Exhibition, St Patrick's University Hospital

May 2018 // Degree Show, NCAD, Dublin

December 2017 // Yeah, I Think That's It, NCAD Student Gallery (solo show)

June 2017 // Art Show, Zozimus Gallery, Dublin

May 2017 // Denouement, Steambox Gallery, Dublin

May 2017 // BARE Magazine Issue Two Launce, NCAD Gallery, Dublin

May 2016 // TNIRP, ArtBox, Dublin

March 2016 // I Cant Believe I Ate The Whole Thing, Steambox Gallery, Dublin

March 2015 // NCAD Student Gallery, Dublin


We are looking forward to seeing what the 2020 holds for Kevin at BOS Gallery and his other ventures.

January 25, 2020